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Tim's Tales April 2021

Here is an update on the interim process and a challenge.

Update: The Heritage Celebrations:  During the 9 meetings with 36 participants identified 4 clear themes.

1.   Friendly is the first impression most people have of YCUCC.  First time visitors chose to stay because they were approached by a friendly lay person who was present in a positive manner with the visitor and engaged that visitor with a genuine welcome.  Quote: “Not you getting into the church, but the church getting into you.” Two sub themes emerged, people with young children desired quality family programing and many people first engaged with YCUCC because they identified with the UCC or a specific mission of the UCC (Open & Affirming, social justice).

2. Music ministries are core to the YCUCC experience. Most participants appreciated the “classic” form of worship music and expressed an openness to “newer” worship music.  Highly valued were the music programs for children and youth.

3. Fellowship Groups such as Reel People, Stephen Ministry, Joy Circle, The Green Group, and events such as the rummage sales, spaghetti dinners, soup suppers, etcetera were valued for their fellowship and service opportunities. These events helped form a common bond of mission and purpose among participants.

4. Community Service opportunities in impactful social justice ministries helped build identity and purpose in the church.  Quote: “Service is in the DNA of the church.”

Challenge:  Imagine the Future:  You can engage in workshops linking the Holy Spirit to the church’s current strengths and then begin to imagine the church’s future. There will be five workshops—two in person and three video conferences. Make sure your voice is heard by participating. Detailed information is available in this edition of the Happenings and in bulletins.